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The Ultimate Swim Raft (project) is a DIY construction project completed by Andrew and Kevin in a Season 1 episode of the same name.


Basic FrameEdit

The base frame of the Ultimate Swim Raft measures approximately sixteen feet by eight feet (4.9 m by 2.4 m) and is primarily constructed from 2 x 10 pressure-treated lumber. It utilizes ten 55 gallon plastic barrels strapped to the wooden frame to give it pontoon-style floatation. On the show, Andrew claims that each barrel is able keep 400 lbs. afloat. This calculation is based partly on Archimedes' principle of buoyancy and the related principle of floatation.


The brothers utilize 5/4 cedar decking planks to deck the Ultimate Swim Raft. In the episode, Andrew mis-calculates how much cedar is required and the brothers are forced to improvise with their remaining lumber. The deck includes several removable panels and doors, which open to reveal hidden spaces in the subfloor. The hidden space conceal the anchoring system and the floating cooler.  


The pergola utilizes four 4 x 4 cedar posts as the uprights and several cedar 2 x 6's as the joists. The brothers use the uprights to support their hand-sewn hammock.


  • Anchor and chain
  • Cedar boxes (doubling as seating and storage)
  • Charcoal BBQ
  • Electric trolling motor
  • Insulated cooler
  • Lighting
  • Marine battery
  • Pergola
  • Solar panel table
  • Swim ladder
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