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Red Neck, Green Neck was an un-produced half-hour television series pitch by Brojects creators, Kent Sobey and Andrew Buckles. The show would have starred Andrew and Kevin Buckles.

History[edit | edit source]

The original concept, according to a pitch document from 2007, was "One man, with the help of his brother, will comb the back alleys, dumpsters, and landfills of our nation and unleash the hidden potential that lies in what most would consider to be ordinary waste. "

Proposed Builds[edit | edit source]

According to the Red Neck, Green Neck pitch document, proposed building projects for the program would have included:

  • Hot Steamy Dumpster: "This episode will see Andrew and Kevin transform a regular alley dumpster into a fully functioning luxurious hot and steamy wood fired hot tub for Kevin’s best friend Fisher, whose wife just won’t let him spend the money on a real hot tub."
  • Blender Bike: "A discarded 1970’s stationary bicycle is converted into a hip blender and Andrew and Kevin show us how to make their favorite drinks (the ‘Hippo’- Andrew’s drink named after his favorite Anne Murray album, and the ‘Pipe Balm’- Kevin’s concoction which lit by his propane torch before consumption)."
  • Satellite Roulette: "As Kevin has been banned from the casino for lewd behavior the brothers throw their own gambling party for the neighbors.A satellite dish is salvaged from the dump and turned into a roulette wheel."
  • Solar Shower: "Visit Andrew and Kevin’s cabin to build an outdoor shower made from the hull of a jet engine with solar hot water collectors made from discarded patio doors and a showerhead made from a tin tea kettle."
  • Mobile Sauna: "Watch as Andrew and Kevin convert the back of a cube van into a fully functional sauna and cut a hole in their nearest river for an Arctic swim."
  • Lobster Trap Pizza Oven: "a decaying lobster trap is used to build a mobile pizza oven, which can be hitched to Andrew’s bike as he and his brother go on a camping trip." 
  • Barber Chair: "Inspired by a dare to give each other haircuts the team endeavors to build their own barber’s chair out of used sports equipment, an old bass drum, and a hydraulic car jack."
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