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"Ultimate Playground" is the seventh episode of the first season of Brojects. It begins airing on Thursday May 8, at 9 ET|PT on Cottage Life.


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"Amphibious Hot Tub" is the eighth episode of the first season of Brojects. It begins airing on Thursday May 15, at 9 ET|PT on Cottage Life.



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  1. Ultimate Swim Raft
  2. Chair-Ski
  3. Ultimate Pizza Oven
  4. Ultimate Outdoor Theatre
  5. Ultimate Firepit
  6. Ultimate Outdoor Shower
  7. Ultimate Playground
  8. Amphibious Hot Tub
  9. Ultimate Smokehouse
  10. Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack
  11. Ultimate Hockey Rink
  12. Ultimate Breakfast Bar
  13. Mobile Mini Cottage
  1. Browling Alley
  2. Ultimate Swim-Up Bar
  3. Floating Golf Course
  4. The Workshop
  5. Ultimate Beach Party
  6. Ultimate Kids' Fort
  7. Ultimate Fishing Boat
  8. Ultimate Outdoor Gym
  9. Ultimate Cottage Casino
  10. Ultimate Floating Sauna
  11. Ultimate Football Lounge
  12. Ultimate Toboggan
  13. Ultimate Ice Hotel

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Andrew Buckles

Andrew Buckles is the co-host of Brojects and younger brother of Kevin Buckles. He is also a co-creator of the show and one of its producers. Andrew plays the visionary/dreamer to his brother Kevin's grounded realist. Andrew is often the one to come up with the ideas for their projects and also provides their projects with unique twists, for which he is mocked by his older brother. Andrew is often the instigator in the battle of practical jokes between the two siblings.
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Did You Know
  • ...that the show is known as "Brojects" in Canada, Germany and Poland, and "Lake Guys" in the United States.
  • ...the Ultimate Swim Raft uses ten 55-gallon plastic drums as their floatation -- that's roughly equal to 5,284 pints of beer.
  • ...that while the show is shot in Nova Scotia, post production for the show actually takes place in Ontario.
  • ...that Brojects editor and motion graphics designer Jamie Spurway had previously worked on Canada's Handyman Challenge.

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