Andrew Buckles is the co-host of Brojects and younger brother of Kevin Buckles. He is also a co-creator of the show and one of its producers.

Role on BrojectsEdit

Andrew plays the visionary/dreamer to his brother Kevin's grounded realist. Andrew is often the one to come up with the ideas for their projects and also provides their projects with unique twists, for which he is mocked by his older brother. Andrew is often the instigator in the battle of practical jokes between the two siblings.


Andrew is a retired competitive air guitarist. In 2002, under the stage name "Air Raid", Andrew was the first ever Canadian entrant in the World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland. He narrowly missed out on capturing the championship by mere tenths of a point, finishing second behind reigning world champion Zak "Mr. Magnet" Munro. His quest to the championships was documented in Kent Sobey's film, "Air Guitar In Oulu".

Andrew also served as a producer of the television pilot Terry's Off, for Farmhouse Productions and Travel + Escape.


Andrew is married to Ashley Kruse.

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