Amphibious Hot Tub is the eighth episode of the first season of Brojects. It premieres on Cottage Life on May 15th, 2014.


Growing up, “hot tubbing” meant a bathtub in their front yard fed with a garden hose. Inspired to set things right, brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles,  get to work on designing and building the ultimate cottage hot tub. With a lust for unobstructed nighttime stargazing, Andrew  pushes his brother towards making the hot tub amphibious so they can float out onto the lake in style to view the stars. With their life jackets and frosty drinks loaded on board, the boys set sail for the adventure of a life (or death) time.






  • Created by Andrew Buckles and Kent Sobey
  • Directed by Kent Sobey
  • Produced by Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles, Howard Ng
  • Directors of Photography: Cam Erais
  • Editor: Kevin Kirchner
  • Music by Jingle Punks
  • Sound Mixer/Editor: Dino Cuzzolino
  • Sound Recordist: David Richardson
  • B-Camera Operator: Ian Carleton
  • Camera Assistant: Pat Campbell
  • Production Manager: Alex Coles
  • Production Cordinator: Jenna MacMillan
  • Construction Coordinator: Tyler Ryan
  • Head Carpenter: Shane Delorey
  • Catering by: Amby's Eats
  • Production Assistant: Chris Coles
  • Researcher: Richard Eng
  • Post-Production Manager: Jenna MacMillan
  • Assistant Editor: Christopher Martone
  • Colourist: Kevin Kirchner
  • Motion Graphics/Titles by Jamie Spurway
  • Publicity/Digital Marketing by Julie Giles, GreenHAT Digital
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